Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What did I pack for a six month trip around the world?

the answer to that is one carry on size suitcase. Bill has been telling people that instead of traveling the world in 80 days, we are traveling in 80 degrees. This made the packing much easier because we don't need coats or sweaters. But it was hard to choose what to bring. I knew there was no way I could carry more than one suitcase, and I didnt want to always be checking bags at the airport. If the luggage was lost, by the time the airline got it back to me I would be in a different place. Whatever I chose to bring had to fit in my carry on suitcase that my grandmom bought me when I went away to college. So this is my list,

2 pairs of jeans, one of which I'm wearing on the plane.
3 pairs of leggings: black, spandex and jeggings
1 pair of cargo pants
1 pair of linen pants
2 pairs of shorts- 1 denim and one Terry
5 tee shirts: 2 of which are a little fancy
5 tank tops: 2 of which are a little fancy
2 oversize tops
1 long sleeve tee
1 zip up hoodie
3 jersey dresses
1 sexy black dress!
2 pairs flip flops, 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of converse, 1 pair of black heels.
15 pairs of underwear
5 pairs of socks
Jewelry and makeup
2 small purses
Oh... And 2 bathing suits and 2 cover ups.

I figure by the time we get to south America the shirts will be in shreds from washing them so often that I'll probably have to replace them. For India I plan on buying some cotton Kurta type tunics when we get there to wear with the cargos and linen pants. It's a safe bet to assume I should be dressed pretty modestly there so I won't be strolling around in sweat shorts and a tank. I had very specific requirements when shopping for a purse to bring. It needed to be big (of course) so I could fit a lot of stuff in it. It had to have straps that were sewn on and not attached with hook things, it had to completely zipper shut and have multiple inside pockets. I found a Kenneth Cole bag that met all these standards and it was only 40 bucks, marked down from 120! Bill, typically, has a ton of room in his suitcase while mine is bursting. I asked him to put my other pair of jeans in his and he said absolutely not, and that I needed to pack less things. So I just waited until he wasn't home and opened his suitcase and hid the jeans in between his shirts. He noticed. But because he loves me soooo much he's going to take them in his bag for me :)


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