Monday, October 25, 2010

The Brooklyn Music Conservatory

Land-marked building, 5 blocks from our apt, 5 blocks from the reception... Not as nice as the South Oxford St Space, but the management are far more pleasant to deal with.  We'll be having a post rehearsal BBQ slash ceremony decorating party their the night before for those who care to join us.  We've been given a lot of leeway with what we can do to the space.  So now we have seven months to figure out just what it should be...
From the stage

From the entrance

The front door

Facing Stage

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the dress

I just ordered my dress. theres no backing out now! because i custom ordered it i cant return it so if something in our relationship goes horribly awry in the next 7 months ill have a really beautiful party dress! hahahaha. i kid i kid. i got my dress on etsy of course! from an amazing designer in northern california who is making the special changes i requested for me and it will arrive in approx 5 months. i know people may think its insane that i ordered a dress without trying it on or even seeing it in person but i knew what i wanted and i know what shapes look good on me. so now i need to stay the exact same size until the wedding. which means i probably shouldnt have another pabts........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Around and around we go...

So... despite their literature that they seat up to 80 people in the great room, the woman from the Old Stone House finally called us back (a week later).  According to her, 60 would be pushing it.  Turns out their bread and butter is children's parties.  The few weddings the have had usually take place outside in the garden with a tent etc... not something we're looking to do.

The following Sunday, after yet another exhaustive search on the internet for the perfect location, we found the South Oxford Street Space, Jackpot!  I mean, just look at it: Hardwood floors, oak paneling, arched windows, and it's across the street from the South Oxford Park, only a few blocks from our apartment.  We decided to go over there on the spot to look at the space and inquire about a rental... Only to learn that they've "changed their mission" to focus on the arts. WTF!?!?!

Having spent my entire collegiate career working for the "Arts", I know full well that the vast majority don't operate anywhere near the realm of profitability and rely on grants, donations, and what little REVENUE they can muster.  Why would any program director in their right mind turn down a viable opportunity to bring in income for their operation?  It always boggles my mind when people don't like money (unless your some sort of transcendental type, I can see that).  It would have been one thing if they said there was a change in the insurance because someone got stabbed at the last wedding (it happens), but "we changed our mission" is just a empty sandwich of weak sauce. I walked away in a bad mood cursing them under my breath for a good twenty minutes.  So close to victory only to be crushed by a skinny guy in a beard.  I can't wait for the day they get rezoned and they build condos that buildings site, then I'll thank god that I didn't get married there (or give them any of my money).

Fortunately, Claire remembered the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  Also just a few blocks from home, historic building, AND friendly staff, affordable prices... the inquiry is underway, photos to come, stay tuned.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Screw you MTA, hello Old Stone House

So when we were putting together our list of desired ceremony locations, we thought about the Transit Museum as it fit with our Antique Brooklyn Theme (we've since modified to be A Postcard from Brooklyn).  How cool would it have been to have the ceremony on an old 1940's subway car then rent one of their buses to drive everyone to the reception? Really cool, that is, if they ever decided to return any of our phone calls or emails... oh well, on to the Old Stone House it is!

Getting it all together

Bill proposed to me in Barcelona over a year ago in August of 2009. The first words out of my mouth were "Is this a joke?" Which I keep having to reassure him that I meant that in the most loving way possible. Getting engaged was one thing, but actually planning a wedding was never a priority so we literally did nothing about it until 6 weeks ago. We also were in the middle of moving and planning a vaca to Mexico and partying and stuff like that. Looking at it now I'm glad we decided to wait and do nothing because I feel like we have a better, more precise idea of what is important to us. I actually hate weddings. I detest them. I pretty much hate everything about them, from the bridezillas, to the ugly bridesmaid dresses, the idea of bridesmaids in general (forcing your friends to fawn and slave over you leading up to your "big day") tickity tack decorations, the cheesy dj, spending what could be the down payment on a house on one day of your life (no house anywhere in NYC but maybe in the midwest somewhere), the list goes on and on and on.... so we cemented some ground rules- we are adhering to a strict budget, no wedding party, we demand lots of drunk dancing, and no one is invited. Its nothing personal but we wanted something intimate and that means most extended family and people we don't talk to on a routine basis are out. Our guest list is 76 people, that's it. So if you are invited you better feel special and come :) So in the 6 weeks since we started we have checked these things off our list:
- Reception place booked
- Ceremony space is picked out
- Hair, make up and photographer are booked (Thanks Hilary and Peter!!!)
- Officiant is booked (Thanks KB!!)
- Flower/decoration situation is under control (Thanks to my many Gays!!!)
- Special ceremony reading is booked (Thanks Carolina!!)

I'll keep updating as we go. We would really like to incorporate our friends as much as possible into the ceremony and festivities so if you have any ideas please let us know!!

Save The Date!!!

We were a little ahead of the game putting this together as we have already settled on the date and reception, now we just need to find a space for the ceremony.

Stay tuned for further details!
(The exclamation point is there because this is exciting)