Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Around and around we go...

So... despite their literature that they seat up to 80 people in the great room, the woman from the Old Stone House finally called us back (a week later).  According to her, 60 would be pushing it.  Turns out their bread and butter is children's parties.  The few weddings the have had usually take place outside in the garden with a tent etc... not something we're looking to do.

The following Sunday, after yet another exhaustive search on the internet for the perfect location, we found the South Oxford Street Space, Jackpot!  I mean, just look at it: Hardwood floors, oak paneling, arched windows, and it's across the street from the South Oxford Park, only a few blocks from our apartment.  We decided to go over there on the spot to look at the space and inquire about a rental... Only to learn that they've "changed their mission" to focus on the arts. WTF!?!?!

Having spent my entire collegiate career working for the "Arts", I know full well that the vast majority don't operate anywhere near the realm of profitability and rely on grants, donations, and what little REVENUE they can muster.  Why would any program director in their right mind turn down a viable opportunity to bring in income for their operation?  It always boggles my mind when people don't like money (unless your some sort of transcendental type, I can see that).  It would have been one thing if they said there was a change in the insurance because someone got stabbed at the last wedding (it happens), but "we changed our mission" is just a empty sandwich of weak sauce. I walked away in a bad mood cursing them under my breath for a good twenty minutes.  So close to victory only to be crushed by a skinny guy in a beard.  I can't wait for the day they get rezoned and they build condos that buildings site, then I'll thank god that I didn't get married there (or give them any of my money).

Fortunately, Claire remembered the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  Also just a few blocks from home, historic building, AND friendly staff, affordable prices... the inquiry is underway, photos to come, stay tuned.

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