It took months of deliberating and another two months after the wedding to narrow down our desired journey destinations, since then it has grown, contracted, turned left and started over. Most legs of the trip were researched and planned during the leg before, but now that we're near the edge of our journey, there is no more planning to do! We present now, our entire trip's itinerary in it's entirety:

June 30th - July 5th: Berlin, Germany
July 5th - July 11th: Zadar, Croatia
July 12th - July 14th: Rome, Italy
July 15th - July 20th: Napoli, Italy
July 21st - July 24th: Frankfurt, Germany
July 25th - August 27th: Berlin, Germany
August 27th - September 13th: Ibiza, Spain
September 14th: Formentera, Spain
September 15th - September 18th: Berlin, Germany
September 18th - September 21st: Vienna, Austria
September 21st - September 25th: Malaga, Spain
September 25th - September 27th: Tangier, Morocco
September 27th - September 30th: Paris, France
October 1st - October 7th: Delhi, India
October 8th: Agra, India
October 9th - 23rd: Delhi, India
October 24th - October 25th: Munnar, India
October 26th - October 27th: Thekkady, India
October 28th: Kumarakom & Alleppey, India (houseboat)
October 29th - October 31st: Varkala, India
October 31st - November 2nd: Varkala to Buenos Aires (via London and Miami)
November 2nd - November 23rd: Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 24th - November 25th: Colonia, Uruguay
November 25th - November 30th: Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 1st -December 5th: Mendoza, Argentina
December 5th - December 9th: Santiago, Chile
December 9th - December 14th: ViƱa del Mar
December 14 - December 15th: SCL to JFK

For a full detailed itinerary, please visit our page for the latest up to date information: