Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stay Tuned!

We got copies of the wedding photos from our photographer Peter (http://www.peterdrier.com/ he is aaaamazing!) and we still have to go through them. Once we get the final copies we will post them in a photo section on the site. The blog is also going to take a turn and become more of a travel diary. Of course this requires Bill sitting down and changing the site around-  between working 60 hours a week, writing thank you cards, eating and sleeping, it hasnt happened just yet. And there is the selling everything we own thing to, which takes a lot of time. If you need a kitchen table, plates, silverware, glasses, microwave, 2 ikea desks, a tv table, 2 lamps, kitchen cart/drawer thing, curtains, couch, picnic table, hammock, grill or mirrored wardrobe please let me know. oh and a flat screen tv. yeah i think thats about whats left to sell. the goal is to put the bed and some boxes of clothes into storage and thats it. nothing extra. so stay tuned, because we would love it if everyone traveled along with us via blog! we promise to religiously post pics and videos of our adventures :)


Monday, May 16, 2011

WE DO!!!!

The wedding FINALLY happened last Saturday! I still can't believe how beautiful and amazing it was. The weather cleared up, Bill's tux disaster worked out perfectly, our guests had an awesome time, the ceremony went pretty smoothly for not having one minute of practice time, and the restaurant did a wonderful job on the food, drinks and service. We want to thank our friends and family who participated in the ceremony, there were lots of moments where i teared up and tried not to cry so my makeup wouldnt get ruined! I have to give shout out to Hil for making me look my absolute best under tight time constraints. We woke up at 6:30am to get started on getting us both ready and at 10:30 the final touches were being put on and we were rushing out the door! My favorite moments were sitting with my parents before the ceremony having a chat, getting advice from a 7 year old girl to "just be happy", saying I DO!, shutting down the neighborhood with our very own parade, delicious mojitos, seeing our guests get very drunk :), the kentucky derby after party, the after-after party on wes's roof and the after- after-after party eating cheeseburgers in my dress...mmmmm!! my dad said it was like a woody allen movie, where new york city and all the people are beautiful and perfect. all the small details we worked on paid off, and bill even surprised me by going to the store the morning of and buying tons of glass vases he filled with white roses and put them in the aisle and on the stage. it made everything just a little more special :) we will post the professional photos once we go through all of them with our photographer, but this is one a friend took that we love.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuxedo Snafu

No, that is not the name of my new hipster disco rock band fantasy, rather it is the reality that began at 10:30pm last night.  After trying on the rental tuxedo, it was immediately realized that they had given me clown pants.  Literally MC hammer pants inseam that made my legs look bowed with scurvy and just plain wrong. The statement "I will not marry you in those pants" is a cause for action... So, I've spent all morning calling various tailors, rental shops, and retailers for a Plan B.  Plan B is to just buy my own tux or suit, which is what my gut had told me in the first place, but for whatever reason (stupidity?), I went with the rental from the local vendor.  Apparently that guy in their commercials gets cut off.  When he says "You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee..." it's an incomplete sentence.  Maybe the video editor ran out of time when splicing together their 30 minute spot, but what he really says is "You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee... Hammer Time!"


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cleared for TAKE OFF!

Though researched and recommended, we are choosing NOT to do the Round The World (RTW) ticket. There were a few factors in our decision including timing, destinations and pricing, but we've decided to roll the dice and do it on our own with a wait and see approach. Well, this morning we rolled big... in this morning's Metro was a 2 page ad for Air Berlin (the same carrier we bought our one way ticket from) with a small call out for their Europe Pass. "Discover up to 4 European cities of your choice for only $249 incl. taxes."

Is there a jackpot in craps? I Googled it with no luck, but whatever it is, that's what this morning felt like. Their connections are limited, but their destinations include Naples, Ibiza, Bucharest and more... Granted our last experience with Air-Berlin involved a hole in the cabin interior, watching a passenger have a panic attack and an eight hour delay with a free ham sandwich... for $63/leg, we're willing to give them a second, third, fourth and fifth chance respectively.

If you're going to Europe this summer, why not splurge a little? And if you're not going to Europe this summer, it's probably a good idea because the dollar is supposed to tank when the Fed stops buying back debt or whatever it was they were talking about on Meet the Press... Hey, look over there, they killed Osama bin Laden, woohoo! USA! USA!