Monday, May 16, 2011

WE DO!!!!

The wedding FINALLY happened last Saturday! I still can't believe how beautiful and amazing it was. The weather cleared up, Bill's tux disaster worked out perfectly, our guests had an awesome time, the ceremony went pretty smoothly for not having one minute of practice time, and the restaurant did a wonderful job on the food, drinks and service. We want to thank our friends and family who participated in the ceremony, there were lots of moments where i teared up and tried not to cry so my makeup wouldnt get ruined! I have to give shout out to Hil for making me look my absolute best under tight time constraints. We woke up at 6:30am to get started on getting us both ready and at 10:30 the final touches were being put on and we were rushing out the door! My favorite moments were sitting with my parents before the ceremony having a chat, getting advice from a 7 year old girl to "just be happy", saying I DO!, shutting down the neighborhood with our very own parade, delicious mojitos, seeing our guests get very drunk :), the kentucky derby after party, the after-after party on wes's roof and the after- after-after party eating cheeseburgers in my dress...mmmmm!! my dad said it was like a woody allen movie, where new york city and all the people are beautiful and perfect. all the small details we worked on paid off, and bill even surprised me by going to the store the morning of and buying tons of glass vases he filled with white roses and put them in the aisle and on the stage. it made everything just a little more special :) we will post the professional photos once we go through all of them with our photographer, but this is one a friend took that we love.


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  1. You were gorgeous!!! Bill looked pretty good too haha. Bride always steals the spotlight. Love you both.