Saturday, March 26, 2011


So it came time for to rent the tuxedo, not as daunting as finding THE dress, but a conjunction of factors ultimately requiring a decision nonetheless.  In cases like these, I oftne ask myself what my father would do (aka What Would Larry Darby Do?) and proceed upon said course of action.  Though it saddened me to learn the only local tuxedo rental was Mens Warehouse, it wasn't worth the time discussing why or looking for alternatives (WWLDD). We walked in, looked through the catalog and made my decision. "I want this one" I told the clerk (WWLDD). She began the paper work and started in with her questioning: "What kind of...", and before she could finish the question I quickly gave her "I want this one, exactly as it is in the catalog." (WWLDD).  Debate the perception of interaction's pleasantries (or lack there of) all you want, at the end of the day, shit got done.  Minimal headache, minimal time and I now have a tuxedo.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dress Code: Snazzy

A lot of people have been asking us what the dress code is and if there are any specific colors we want our guests to wear. the official answer is cocktail attire, or as some people call it "semi formal". i like to call it: snazzy. we dont care what colors our guests wear, and anyone that knows us knows we both have a mild obsession with neon so the brighter the better!

but i will have a small problem with any girls who show up in a short, strapless, puffy white dress. so you know, just keep that in mind :)


Monday, March 7, 2011


I know from my experience working in fashion that a far off deadline (market week) always creeps up quickly. and no matter how detailed the calendar is for the season the actual design always takes much longer than anticipated. the creative process can get bogged down, acquire the equivalent of "writers block" and sometimes i sketch out a whole line and then its thrown away and i start from scratch. so imagine 2 creative types (bill and myself) trying to figure out every single design aspect of every tiny detail going into this wedding. we debated fonts for the save the date cards for 3 hours. so when it came time to create and choose the prints for our handmade pinwheels (which i realize is completely insane) there were many ideas tossed around and he spent a lot of time making really great prints and figuring out which pinwheel shape we liked best. we made a half a dozen mock up pinwheels and looked at them all together. one was too pointy, one was too big, one was too curvy. we finally came up with 8 prints we liked and a shape that would work and over dinner tonight we both started second guessing our choices. at first i totally snapped and shouted that i just wanted it done and over with and i was tired of looking at these crazy pinwheels that were going to make me lose my mind. but then i realized that its no different than every other project i work on. the thought and design takes the most time and the execution is just a couple days and a sleepless night here and there. in the end, i love what bill came up with and i think everyone else will too :)

No Gnews is Good Gnews

We haven't updated the blog in while, but we've gotten a lot done in the interim...

The rings we found were as simple as possible.  Simple might just be a classy way of saying "cheap", but really we were more concerned with our safety and accountability while traveling.  The thought of having our rings mark us as targets for theft, or more likely loosing them in a drunken pub crawl, was cause for evaluating our needs.  Plus I promised to buy Claire a fancy one when we get back.  Fancy being the classy way of saying fancy.

This past Saturday was an adventure all it's own.  We started at Home Depot on 23rd St to pick up dowels for the pinwheels and spent the next 5 hours making our way down to Ground Zero, where yes, there actually is a new building that some people walk past every single day but have failed to notice (ahem, Claire!).

The pinwheels have been driving Claire crazy even though they're my responsibility to design and build. There's a transitive argument in there that really I'm the one driving her crazy, but she swears it's just the pinwheels. Regardless, we've settled on the design and construction directions. (Fingers crossed for the prototype).

Oh, and I've also trained Claire to perform a mini power ranger move every time I say the word "activate".