Saturday, March 26, 2011


So it came time for to rent the tuxedo, not as daunting as finding THE dress, but a conjunction of factors ultimately requiring a decision nonetheless.  In cases like these, I oftne ask myself what my father would do (aka What Would Larry Darby Do?) and proceed upon said course of action.  Though it saddened me to learn the only local tuxedo rental was Mens Warehouse, it wasn't worth the time discussing why or looking for alternatives (WWLDD). We walked in, looked through the catalog and made my decision. "I want this one" I told the clerk (WWLDD). She began the paper work and started in with her questioning: "What kind of...", and before she could finish the question I quickly gave her "I want this one, exactly as it is in the catalog." (WWLDD).  Debate the perception of interaction's pleasantries (or lack there of) all you want, at the end of the day, shit got done.  Minimal headache, minimal time and I now have a tuxedo.


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  1. Hope that it did not border on being rude. There is a fine line... Glad it got done (wwlldd). Dad did get a little southernized with his interactions and keeps his effectiveness always polite, but in a firm way.