Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stay Tuned!

We got copies of the wedding photos from our photographer Peter (http://www.peterdrier.com/ he is aaaamazing!) and we still have to go through them. Once we get the final copies we will post them in a photo section on the site. The blog is also going to take a turn and become more of a travel diary. Of course this requires Bill sitting down and changing the site around-  between working 60 hours a week, writing thank you cards, eating and sleeping, it hasnt happened just yet. And there is the selling everything we own thing to, which takes a lot of time. If you need a kitchen table, plates, silverware, glasses, microwave, 2 ikea desks, a tv table, 2 lamps, kitchen cart/drawer thing, curtains, couch, picnic table, hammock, grill or mirrored wardrobe please let me know. oh and a flat screen tv. yeah i think thats about whats left to sell. the goal is to put the bed and some boxes of clothes into storage and thats it. nothing extra. so stay tuned, because we would love it if everyone traveled along with us via blog! we promise to religiously post pics and videos of our adventures :)


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