Sunday, June 12, 2011


Selling everything you own is exhausting. And time consuming. Last Saturday we posted on craigslist that we were having a moving sale, moved everything we wanted to get rid of in the living room, drew on the sidewalks outside "MOVING SALE!" with arrows leading into the apartment and then we sat back and waited. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun and pretty successful. I'm pretty sure that's because we sold a lot of stuff, but it also could have been the 8 mimosas I consumed over the course of the afternoon. I was pretty drunk by the end. People were more into the little things, which I thought was interesting. Also interesting is the number of people who paid for things and said they would come back another day to get them. This happened with the picnic table, grill, kitchen block and the microwave. Who just hands a stranger cash and doesn't take the stuff with them?! I guess Bill and I have pretty trusting faces. I, personally, would totally trust someone downing mimosas at 10:00am. So we had a moving sale part 2 yesterday and got rid of even more stuff. We sold the curtains right off our bedroom windows, that's how serious I am about getting rid of everything. It was kinda rainy yesterday so we wrapped things up around 2 to head over to a friends party but right as we were closing up shop who walks in but an Argentine woman who happens to have an apartment in Buenos Aires that she rents out! The universe was really loving me yesterday. We talked a lot about South America and what the best ways are to get around, and a lot about Buenos Aires. We got her info and she bought a coffee table and a lamp so then I was really loving this woman. All in all it was a success. We still need to sell the couch, 2 desks, wardrobe, bed, some lamps, vases, records, kitchen utensils, dish sets, sewing machine, art supplies, gardening tools and some plants. So if you need any of that stuff, this crap is priced to sell!



  1. HELLOOOOO!!!!!! YOU BETTER NOT< AS IN NO, be selling my phaff