Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been known for saying "Whoever said you can't have it all didn't try hard enough".  With that in mind, the mess of an itinerary we were staring down just two weeks ago has finally taken shape. We've ditched the cool apartment in Berlin in favor of "having it all"; we bought the Air Berlin Europass AND we're still going to Croatia... and Rome, Italy, Frankfurt, Paris, and possibly Vienna, Madrid, Nice, etc. It's going to cost more in the end than a RTW ticket, but the travel restrictions were too limiting and didn't line up with where we wanted to go and when we wanted to be there. I really wanted to find a video of Yoda singing "My Way" by Frank Sinatra to drive home the point, but sadly the internet is only awesome 99% of the time. I'll let this 1% failure slide this time on account that I love cats.

So, without further ado... If you have any intention of being in Europe this summer/fall, we encourage you to come visit us along the way at any of the following times/locations:

June 30th - July 5th: Berlin, Germany
July 5th - July 11th: Zadar, Croatia
July 12th - July 14th: Rome, Italy
July 15th - July 20th: Napoli, Italy
July 21st - July 24th: Frankfurt, Germany
July 25th - September 18th: Berlin, Germany
September 19th - September 27th: Possibly Vienna and Nice or Madrid (TBC)
September 28th - September 30th: Paris, France

India and South America TBC

We have our exact itinerary details up on, so if you need to know flight numbers, hotels, addresses, departure times, etc. you can find it all in one convenient location.  99% of the time the internet makes trying harder a lot easier and this site has been a huge help, but I still want my Yoda Sinatra!


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