Friday, November 11, 2011

Over capacity!!!

After four months on the road, our bags are officially over capacity. Though we had sent some things home, and thrown other things out along the way, we've also done a 'little' bit of shopping. If it weren't for my expansion seem breaking, we'd still be in good shape. To refresh, here's what I started with:

From that, here is what remains (with a little more detail):

One pair jeans
One pair pants
One linen pants
Four t shirts
Four Polos
One dress shirt
One jacket
Eight pairs socks
Nine pairs underwear
Miracle ball
Cell phone
Headphones and spare buds
Prescription meds
Two plug adapters
Two iPad adapters
iPad and plug
Video camera and charger
Camera charger
Micro SD adapter
USB stick
Two razor handles
Eight razor heads
Key chain
Nail clippers
Facial fuel
two wrist bands
Tylonol pm and vitamin c

In addition, here are the things that have been added to my load (and where they were added)

One pair cargo pants Delhi
One linen pants Ibiza
One t shirt berlin
Two t shirts Delhi
One button down Berlin
Snorkel and goggles Ibiza
One knit hat Vienna
One pair scissors Ibiza
One exacto knife Berlin
Rock from Vesuvius
Two bath towels Berlin
One beach towel Zadar
One mirror Tangier
Earplugs air Berlin
Batteries Berlin 
Eye mask Air Berlin
Six earplugs Ibiza

I have no idea how the he'll I've been hauling all this shit around the world, but it wasn't that bad... Until we got to Delhi. The shopping in India had us literally bursting at the seams (See above). So, to turn this defeat into a victory, we did more shopping! We bought a matching pair of back packs to handle the temporary overflow. Then, my older brother Tom is going to take back our original luggage with him after he visits us in Buenos Aires. We will then finish off our two weeks in Chilli with just the back packs. Super convenient considering the amount of time we'll spend on the super luxury busses crossing the Andes. The irony is that when we set out on this trip, the last thing we wanted to do was back pack through South America on a bus, but yet somehow that's exactly what we're going to do. We should have known from all the RTW blogs we've been reading that this would somehow be inevitable. Our packing could have benefited from a little foresight, but then again, what wouldn't?

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