Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 23 - Mission Accomplished

Friday, July 22nd

Not only had we purposefully plotted a course for some beach time on our trip, but we also accounted for a little party time. Rather than heading off to Ibiza and spending our entire six month budget in one week, we specifically picked Frankfurt for it's clubs and DJs so we could get the same level of satisfaction for a fraction of the price. We had gone clubbing in Frankfurt before so we knew the drill; Cocoon on Friday night, after-hours at U60311,  Saturday night at Robert Johnston, Sunday afternoon at kameamea beach club (not a real beach, more like Water Taxi Beach in NYC).

The day began as they had tended to, sleeping in, fresh croissants, and an early onset of boredom. We had a good ten hours to  kill before the clubbing began, so we whipped up an aggressive itinerary. The plan was to see the Messe (Convention Center Grounds), followed by the natural history museum, the botanic garden, and the Main tower for a panoramic view of the city at sunset. We get outside and the weather immediately truncates our day. We see the Messe and the museum. The Messe is nothing special as half the grounds were dug up and there were no tours that day. Plus it's at least six months until the Batman live show so Claire does her best kinetic sculpture impersonation and we move on to the museum. It was an easy way to kill an extra hour or so, read all the signs that were in English, saw their anaconda exhibit, tons of fossils, stuffed animals (not the toy kind), and photo exhibit on migratory mating. We left feeling a little smarter, which retrospectively contrasts how we would end the night.

We pre game at the hotel, figure out the tram and head on our way. The main attraction went on at 11:30 so we get there a little early. The club fills up by midnight, the drinks are cheap, the music was FUN, and the night was a blur. We contemplated socializing with strangers at the club as we had done last time we were here, but we spent the entire night on the dance floor which is the least ideal location to hold a conversation. As an added bonus, we catch the first hour of Jooris Voorn's set, but decide to leave the club after a scuffle breaks out and the crowd had dwindled down. We get outside and the sun is up. Wish we had our sunglasses, but bask in the afterglow of a night of good music. The tram pulls up just as we finish buying our tickets, excellent timing. We ride to the Hauptbahnhoff with a few other casualties, but the air is quiet. It's that special time in the morning when it's a mix between people ending their nights and others starting their day. We get back to our room, agree we don't need to hit the after hours club, block out the sun and go to bed. Life is good.

- Bill

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