Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 21 - NAP > FRA

Wednesday, July 20th

We woke up at noon, we wanted to get Davis mom flowers as a thank you for being so nice to us and doing our laundry and cooking for us the whole week (we paid for 1 meal in the 5 days we stayed with davi) so I got on the back of Davis scooter and we rode down to the flower shop. I feel like an official Italian now I've done the scooter ride.

We eat lunch upstairs with his mom and dad. They made each of us huge steaks, and tuna salad with tomatoes, regular salad with homemade vinegar, artichokes, fresh fruit for dessert and then a second dessert. I think we are going to starve once we leave here. Oh, and homemade wine of course, how could I forget the homemade wine?!

Davi and his mom drive us to the train station, we go to Naples central. Here's a tip for those of you wanting to get the 3€ bus to the airport- you exit at giarbaldi piazza and go to the right, around the corner that the mcdonalds is on and the alibus will be there. We spent a half hour looking for it because of course, there are no signs or any information that would lead you to it.

Fly to Frankfurt and RUN to catch the train into the main train station, where lo and behold on the track across from us is the one and only Orient Express. I thought that train didn't really exist, that it was a figment of spy stories and mystery novels. But there it was, with the original cars from the 1920's. Some of the shades were up and in one car there was a chef presenting dinner to a couple, in other cars there were ornate couches and oriental looking lamps. The staff were dressed head to toe in traditional train outfits (whatever that means but you know what I'm talking about, like the gloves and all that shit) we took lots of pictures and one of the men who worked on it took a picture of us standing in front of it. I got it into my head that I wanted to take this train from Paris to Istanbul then go to India from there. The adventure! The romance! Aaaaaaand tickets are like 7000€ per person. So yeah. Not doing that in this lifetime.

Check into the hotel, it's around midnight. We go to our room and have a wonderful view of gypsies sleeping on the street. We are kind of staying in a rough part of town, but that's what you get for 50 dollars a night. Bill goes into the bathroom and as he's closing the door the door handle breaks off. So we go downstairs, door handle in hand and get upgraded to a suite. then we sleep.

- Claire

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