Friday, July 8, 2011

A week in Zadar, Croatia

I have to start by talking about our 4th of July, which we spent in Berlin. It was the night before we left for Croatia so we decided that even though it was raining, we would go outside and do something with ourselves. We left the house without a map, walked over to the Berlin wall memorial that was close to daves house then around the city for 3 hours. Came home, went to the grocery store and got all the essentials for an "all American burger" and cooked them up. I downloaded a fireworks app and put it on while we ate. Amazing time. So then we stayed up all night and got a cab to the airport at 4am, our can driver was a character out of a guy Ritchie movie. He was decked out, rings, high tops, leather jacket. Gold boxing glove medallions hung from the rear view mirror and he was blasting pump the jam, then snoop dog. So anyways, we get to Croatia. It's raining, of course. We take the bus to the city center then another bus to our hotel. By the time we we woke up from our nap in the afternoon it was sunny and hot out. Finally! Weather in the 80's! To make a long story short about the last 3 days, it's been sun, good food and the occasional roman ruins. I love this place. Everything is really cheap, the beer is sooooo good, the beach isn't sand it's all rocks but that has a plus side when you're trying to do a picnic for lunch because theres no sand in your food. The people are really nice, there's a ton of super old buildings, and the weather is HOT! Yesterday we took the bus to Petracane for a music festival, met a bunch of people and ended up hanging out with 2 british guys doing shots of tequila. The end of the night is fuzzy, I remember taking a cab home but I have no idea what time. We made up for it today by sleeping in, then sleeping on the beach, then going sight seeing in the old part of the city. We also booked a tour boat for Sunday that takes you around all day island hopping so that should be fun. They give you breakfast, lunch and drinks and the whole thing was like 60 bucks a person. You couldn't even step foot on a boat for under 100 in new York. We also bought tickets for our boat to Italy. That's right, a muthafn' ship bitches. It's too expensive to fly so we are taking an 8 hour ferry in the middle of the night to Ancona. I had my reservations about this but bill convinced me that we could dress as pirates and go around saying " Arrrrrrrr you going to Italy?!" so that sold me. I mean, who wouldn't do that?

And here is a photo of bill pretending to be the rest of this roman column:


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  1. We joined in for some Home made Birthday cake by Aunt Judy. This was her first birthday here in NC.