Monday, July 4, 2011

Around the world in 70 degrees?

Or as the rest of the world would know it- 21 celsius. But even that is proving to be a struggle. We were in Frankfurt 3 years ago for a couple days and I have pictures of me in shorts and a tee shirt. I remember it being pretty hot, so it never crossed my mind to even look at the weather for Berlin in the summer. Apparently, it's freezing in July. The 5 days we have been here it hasn't been above 68F/20C and it's been cloudy and raining. It was pouring all day yesterday so we had a pretty lazy afternoon eating sausages and watching Harry potter. I know, a very weird mix. And a quick look at the showed that the normal high for Berlin is only 75F/23C for July and august. I was thinking it would be more like new York where the average high is extremely hot. Just the way I like it. And the other problem is I packed tank tops and shorts. What am I going to do with a suitcase half filled with tank tops and shorts? wtf. If the weather really doesn't get any warmer after we get back at the end of July I'm mailing all that stuff home. I'll need more long sleeve shirts. Hopefully today the rain will hold long enough for us to go to the rental office for the apartment we are subletting from July 25th to sept 18th. I also need to find those travel size plastic bottles so I can put my big bottles of shampoo and conditioner in little bottles. Our flight to Croatia is at 6:15 tomorrow morning, thank god! It will be a balmy 86F/30C There, just the way summer is supposed to be! We spend a week on the beach in Croatia, then ancona, Rome, Naples, Frankfurt (cocooooooooon!)and back to Berlin. The original plan was to travel the world in 80 degrees but I guess we'll have to settle for something slightly chillier. The plus side is that because we are so far north, the sun doesn't completely set until 10pm, so it's a trade off. Oh, and on a completely unrelated note.... I'm still trying to figure out how to attach photos from my iPad to the blogger set up. I would love to share some photos! Sooooo if anyone has any idea let me know. I've been googling it and it seems complicated. There's a lot of really cool things about the iPad but some things really suck.


So in order to post a pic within a blog on blogger from an iPad you have to create a blogger email account, email the photo from the iPad to the blogger email which automatically saves it as a draft, then copy the code that appears when you click "edit draft" and copy and paste it into the blog post that you have already written/writing. A pain in my ass. Thanks apple, and thanks google for really figuring this shit out for the rest of us.

And on that note, here is a pic of me looking disgruntled in front of the Berlin wall on bernaur strasse. Why am I disgruntled you ask? That photo was taken July 4th. I'm in sneaks, jeans, a rain jacket and I'm shivering. Awesome.


  1. Lynn a Mom of the world travellersJuly 4, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    Hey You are so resourceful. There are days ahead that will iron out. Vive L'experience! Do pick up air borne product somewhere, too. Good battle plan. I can tell you that Aunt Lynn has an i-pad and did upload pix to our email. From then on, I would go to an electronics store and speak directly with a salesman. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

  2. BlogPress (Price: $2.99 USD)
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    Does this help? Buy the app?
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    BlogPress currently supports Blogger, WordPress and MovableType, with limited support for Typepad, Joomla and Drupal fans (as well as LiveJournal too).


  4. Already looked it up, still not best answer out there...

  5. k keep trying...electronic store next?

  6. I am very happy you guys are having a good time . Sorry the weather is not in your faver next time WWLLD might help.

  7. from what I remember about blogspot is uploading your photos to Photobucket, then you have to copy and paste the embed link to your blog?is this so passé?

  8. It's not blogger that's the problem, it's the freaking iPads. The photo management on them sucks, and uploading photos directly from the iPad instead of a computer works sometimes and doesn't work other times :/ but I'll figure it out, I've been googling like crazy. I want to share my photoooooooos!