Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's no turning back

So the worst kept secret is one step closer to fruition.  Thanks to the great deals on airfare at the moment, we bought our one way tickets to Berlin last night.  I could go on forever about how much I love, but I'll just post our initial departure itinerary instead:

Air Berlin #7249
Wed, Jun 29, 5:40 PM New York (JFK)
Thu, Jun 30, 7:30 AM Berlin (TXL)

This gives us enough time to sell off the rest of our crap, throw the keepers in storage, enjoy a few more months of BBQ in the backyard, attend our close friends' wedding, ...and one last Mermaid Parade before take the leap.

We've been looking for flats in Berlin for the past two weeks and have gotten a gist for the lay of the land.  It's amazing to learn that neighborhood exaggeration is not exclusive to NYC.  I know how to use google maps and can tell the difference between Neukolln and Kreuzberg thank you very much.  Though at this point, we are leaning towards getting a studio in Mitte.  It's a little more "toursity", but um, hello? That's what we'll be. We've also recently learned they have Bikram Yoga classes that are taught in both English and German and one of our best friends who just moved there is laying the ground work for our arrival.

Also, I would like to set the record straight once and for all.  We were planning our trip to Berlin as far back as June of 2010 whereas to the best of our knowledge Dave (Stephens) had only decide to move there after getting the axe from his job in the fall.  To be fair, Dave did move to Barcelona over two years ago while we were getting rejected from the PeaceCorps. Touché Dave, touché indeed!

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