Friday, December 16, 2011


Some thoughts I had on the plane yesterday....

We are finally on our way home! I know we are way behind on the blog, and i promise one of us will get around to posting about Santiago and the Chilean coast but right now we are on the plane! Going home! We took a flight from Santiago with a lay over in Mexico City. I was very anxious this morning when we were connecting because our flight was late, and we had to go though immigration, pick up our luggage, go through customs and then drop the luggage back off then go through security again, all in an hour and a half. It would be my luck that on the last flight of the trip something would go wrong and I would not be able to get back to my beloved city. But it didn't and now I'm on my way home! Woo hooo!

We have a tight schedule ahead of us today- flight is supposed to land at 12:45pm at JFK. Then we have to grab a taxi and go to the bank to get a cashiers check for our new landlord, while bill is at the bank I'm stopping over to my friends salon across the street to plead with her to fix the horrendous mop that my hair has become. 6 months with no hairdryer, no products, no color, only 1 trim 3 months ago in Germany. Not to mention I've been washing it with shitty free hotel shampoo for the last 3 weeks. Its a serious frizzy, scratchy, broken mess. But Concetta can work wonders so I'm hoping she is free tomorrow. Then we have to get the keys to our sublet, pick up a zip car that's reserved for 4pm and go to the storage unit to grab all our winter clothes.
Tomorrow is equally as busy. Getting the phones turned back on and miraculously finding the chargers in the mess of boxes will take at least a couple hours I'm sure. I desperately need to get to the nearest cvs and stock up on razors, body wash, face wash, vitamins, make up, etc. All labeled in English so I'll actually understand what I'm buying! And of course a mani/pedi at my place on 27th St in the city. I seriously have troll feet right now. I took a nasty fall in Quintero while I was walking in the pitch darkness gazing at the stars in the sky so my big right toe is a bloody disgusting mess. Then we have a date with two of our very best friends to whom we have been shipping boxes of Christmas presents to hold for us. They have promised to order pizza so we are really really really excited for that. We made a list (to be posted shortly) of all the things we missed about home and, not surprisingly, the list was mostly food related. Can-not-wait for real Brooklyn pizza.

I know people who have been following our trip must be wondering what we are feeling right now, as we are on our way back home. I personally feel like nothing is ending at all. I think if I took one thing away from this whole crazy ride, it was this: whatever you want to do, do it. Dream bigger, make it happen. The last couple of weeks we have been talking about all the new plans we have for the future, near and far, and list is growing quickly. Our lives were very full before we left, and coming home with the knowledge that anything is possible as long as we are breathing is making our plans even more fantastic. Things that once seemed impossible now look easy. How about we both freelance permanently so we can spend every September nude snorkeling on the beaches in Ibiza for a month? Finally get a dog? Open my multiple million dollar mashed potato business? Very easy, if that's what we choose to do.

I think I may have mentioned a couple times (ha!) that NYC is the love of my life and I've missed it so much while I've been gone. Coming home is exciting, not at all sad. I feel like I got to take a really deep, 6 month, breath of inspiration. I'm so thankful for the luck that came my way, but I'm even more thankful that I worked my ass off, made good decisions and earned this experience. I pray everyday that going forward, in-between my fits of impatience and frustration, I can send a little bit of love back into the world.


P.S. If your interested in investing in my multiple million dollar mashed potato business, tentatively titled: FUCKYEAHMASHEDPOTATOES! Then you can email me :)


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