Monday, September 5, 2011


I've always thought Ibiza has the most beautiful beaches in the world. My vocabulary isn't nearly developed enough to accurately describe them and the pictures barely do them justice, but will have to suffice for the time being....

Cala Comte, nude beach we spent the day snorkeling at with our little fishing net. Bill caught a sardine and something that looked like a mini catfish.

A stretch of cliffs between Es Cavallet and Las Salinas, the Romans used this as a quarry for the rock that built D'alt villa. not, as I previously thought had something to do with mining salt.....

Vadella, a view from the road above.

Cala Salada, our favorite so far.

Cala D'Hort. Home of Carmens restaurant which has the BEST paella ever!! And a great view of Es Vedra.

Mambo isn't a beach, but it's the most amazing place to see the sunset, our friend Luciano works there and the champagne sangria is delicious.

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